Conference on LGBT families in Europe

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This conference is a contribution to the EU Presidency currently held by Slovenia. This conference will bring together decision makers, experts and activists in the field of LGBT families. We are inviting speakers from the Council of Europe, the European Union institutions and national governments for the conference to have an impact at European and national levels. It will be an opportunity to start and contribute to a dialogue between institutions and civil society on the topic of recognition and inclusion of LGBT families.

What’s the aim?

The main aim of the conference will be to address the theme of LGBT families in Europe.

The conference will aim at:

· Raising awareness of national and European decision makers on issues related to LGBT families.

· Contributing to EU policies on families in the context of the Alliance for Families and the demographic changes and the policies and legislation concerning an area of freedom and justice in the EU.

· Contributing to raising awareness of the case-law and work of the Council of Europe in relation to LGBT families.

· Giving higher visibility and consolidating the work done by NGOs working on LGBT families.

· Encouraging closer ties and enhancing networking between different civil society organisations involved in the recognition of LGBT families in Europe.


Date and Place of the meeting :4-6 March 2008 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), arrival on 4 March before 14.00, departure on 6 March after lunch.




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