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Iniciatíva Inakosť sa v Európskom parlamente zúčastnila na konferencii frakcie Strany európskych socialistov “2007 – Európsky rok rovnakých príležitostí pre všetkých: Socialisti za spravodlivú a mierumilovnú spoločnosť”.


The Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights welcomed news the European Court of Human Rights ruled the ban of the Warsaw Gay Pride in 2005 a violation of Articles 11 on freedom of association and assembly, 13 on effective remedy, and 14 on prohibition of discrimination. The honourable judges of the Strasbourg Court were unanimous in their decision highlighting the ‘crystal clear’ nature of the situation. The news follows the adoption of a resolution in the European Parliament condemning the rise of homophobia in Europe and in particular in Poland.  


“I am extremely pleased by this ruling,” Michael Cashman (UK/PSE), President of the Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights responded, “It is a vindication of everything that we have been saying about the actions of the Government of Poland against the fundamental freedoms of Polish LGBT men and women. This ruling is first and foremost the victory of courage; it took courage for Polish LGBT activists to decide to fight this decision right through to Strasbourg. Their actions were rewarded, and in doing so have become shining examples of what it is to be a human rights defender in 21st Century Europe.”  

“This is one victory on the long road to equality,” new Vice-President of the Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights Lissy Gröner added, “I hope that the competent authorities in other European states who are thinking of banning Pride and Equality Marches will take note of this verdict. There is no avoiding the issue, LGBT men and women too have human rights to be able to assemble in a peaceful manner. It is their responsibility to ensure that these rights are respected.” 

Sophie in `t Veld, Vice-President of the Intergroup added, “This judgement lays down an important marker ahead of this year’s gay pride marching season. I acknowledge that since the case was introduced in 2005, the Polish authorities have duly authorised and protected such marches which have taken place successfully in Warsaw in 2006 and last month in Krakow. The judgement however extends to all local authorities in the Member States of the Council of Europe who must now abide by the fundamental principles of non-discrimination and freedom of assembly.”


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